3 Days Gorilla tracking Rwanda - Volcanoes National Park (Pac Des Volacans)

3 days gorilla tracking Rwanda is a tour safari package that spots you to the giant mountain gorillas in Rwanda. Therefore this 3 days gorilla trekking Rwanda safari trip takes you to the to trek the mountain gorillas. The park is also called Pac Des Volacanoes found in Ruhengeri - Kinigi in Musanze district in the Northern part of Rwanda. Also visit the for a great community and dance show-casing the Kings Palace and Queen. On this 3 days gorilla tracking Rwanda trip, you could become a King or Queen of the day.

The volcanoes in Rwanda or Uganda provide an amazing backdrop for the whole gorilla tracking experience, and due to conflict in the DRC, most tourists choose opt for either Uganda or Rwanda to trek gorillas. When it comes to gorilla trekking, many get puzzled where to start from or where they could locate gorillas from. African Adventure travellers is a responsible tour operator for all gorilla trekking excursions, therefore can arrange for you a guided gorilla tracking trip to the Volcanoes National Park.

Mountain Gorilla in the Volcanoes National park - Rwanda.

Tour Timeline

  • Day 1 - Arrive in Rwanda at the Kigali International Airport


    A brief Kigali city tour /drive and transfer to Ruhengeri / Musanze district for the next days gorilla safari.

    • Budget
    • Mid range
    • Luxury

    Meal plan: Half-Board

  • Day 2 - Transfer to Kinigi office for a briefing of the Gorillas


    After our early morning breakfast, drive to Kinigi briefing area after which we join other travelers to start the Gorilla tracking in the Volcanoes National Park.

    Accommodation choices:
    • Budget
    • Mid range
    • Luxury

    Meal plan: Half-Board

  • Day 3 - Morning Cultural Visit at and travel back to Kigali


    After our breakfast, we head for the cultural visit at the cultural center, Visit the genocide memorial Centre, Lunch, Craft market and transfer back to your place of destination.

    Meal plan: Half-Board

    Some of the Gorilla tracking guidelines

    • Do not eat or smoke when with the gorillas or within a distance of 200 meters from the gorillas.
    • Do not get closer than 7 meters (21 feet) to the gorillas.
    • Do not use flash photography.
    • Do not Make loud noise or move suddenly
    • No one with any communicable disease (e.g Flu, Diarrhoea) is allowed to enter the park.
    • Stay together in a tight group while with the gorillas, do not surround them.
    • No person under the age of 15 years is allowed to track gorillas

    What you need to Carry for your

    3 day Gorilla safari Rwanda to Volcanoes National Park to trek mountain gorillas found in Ruhengeri kinigi in musanze district. Also visit the ibyiwacu cultural village for a great community and dance show-casing the kings palace and queen.

    • Rain Jackets
    • Insect Repellent
    • Hiking Shoes / Boots
    • Walking or Supporting Sticks
    • At-least 2 - 3 litters of bottled Water
    • Packed food.
    • A porter to carry you or your bag in case you fail to make it.