Looking for serendipitous discoveries while lost, relax because Kenya has it all. No other country on earth can offer the visitor much to discover than Kenya. Kenya is famous for many beautiful tourist destinations worth visiting and there's plenty of interest in the country.

Kenya is characterized with gorgeous gorse bushes, savannahs with big game, conservative cultures, pristine beaches coral reefs, tropical forests, snowcapped mountains and so much more. Kenya has a spectral great rift valley with its associated escapements and mountains which are major features and run the length of the country from Lake Turkana in the north to Lake Nation on the southern border with Tanzania. Lake Nakuru is characterized with algae which attracts large flamingoes on the lake giving a wonderful scenery. Others lakes include Bogoria, Naivasha etc. These lakes also act as homes for other wild species for example fish, birds in large quantities.

Kenya is also beautified with mountains like Mount Kenya, Mount Meru and Mount Elgon. These mountains promote agricultural for example growing of tea and coffee since they have fertile soils. These mountains have spectacular topographical diversity including beautiful glaciated mountains with snow. Capped peaks, which brings that happy state in you because of their serenity. Ancient granitic hills like Chepungal hills, flat deserts landscapes and coral leafs and Islets. Forests with fresh breathe gorse savannahs and they include Kakamega forests which is mainly known for hiking, picnicking, trekking gorillas. Kaya sacred forests, and Kereita which are a home for wild animals.

Kenya has diverse culture as seen in the diverse societies of people that inhabit the country. Some of the famous tribes include Masai and the Samburu the famous cattle keepers who have lived side by side with beautiful biodiversity like lions and zebras since time immemorial.

Kenya is home to the renowned wildlife like lions, giraffe, rhino and other big game and Kenya is famous for the phenomenal wildebeest migration which happens in the Masai Mara. Kenya also boasts other parks like Amboseli, Nakuru, Tsavo and several conservancies which are home to big and small wildlife as well as diverse birdlife.

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