Beauty is something attractive pleasant both inside and out of it and that’s a true definition of Rwanda.

Rwanda is located or lies astride the Equator in East central Africa 121 kilometers south, 75 miles of the Equator in the tropic of Capricorn and 1416 kilometers (880miles) west of the Indian Ocean, 120 kilometers (777miles) East of Atlantic Ocean literally the heart of Africa. The country is land locked in the Great Rift Valley and lacks faces to the Indian Ocean.

Rwanda is one of the beautiful countries with gorgeous sceneries and it is referred to as “LAND OF ATHOUSAND HILLS” which is also known for its breathtaking scenery. These beautiful sceneries make your final destination due to its serendipitous discoveries. The country has mountains, Equatorials forests, National Parks, beautiful magical cities, research centers, wildlife, Hike volcanoes, and Gorilla trekking, Conservative cultures in nature, therefore everything you need is in Rwanda for you to discover and enjoy endlessly.

Rwanda is blessed with magnificent mountains ranges which include Virunga Mountain, this mountain is characterized with forests with gorse bushes and savannahs which is a home for wild animals like Lions, Elephants, and Zebras etc. It gives a good environment to the habitants due to its fresh waterfalls and its serene nature in general. This mountain is so stunning especially with its view because when the sunsets, it creates an incredible view. National games parks like Kibuye and its magnificent beauty and clear sandy waters from Ndaba falls which lies near the city. Land scopes in Kigali with sparkling view in Kigali that is hilly in nature that are attractive to the eyes of the viewer.

Rwanda has also cities like Gisenyi which is one of the most beautiful cities in Rwanda that is located in the North shore of Lake Kivu, northwest of Rwanda in Rubavu district. This city has good hotels for example Safari Hotel, kirisoke etc. Blue sky, and clear waters, Rainfall forests like mukura home for chimpanzees and monkeys. Genocide memorial which is a place to commutate the 1994 Rwandan genocide remains over 250000 in the Rwanda. Nyanza in the southern province which is one of the largest administrative capital and it’s the king’s palace.

With these beautiful spectacular sceneries, it means Rwanda is one of the most beautiful countries on earth and there is plenty to explore and discover with the most hospitality any one can offer to a visitor.

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