Momentarily you step on your toes on the Pearl of Africa, the equatorial climate absolutely gives you an excitement on what you see. “oooh your welcome!" Indeed Uganda is a treasure.

Geographically, the western arm of the rift valley and there are snowcapped mountains like mount Ruwenzori with the highest peak, “magherita".

Africa's friendliest country due to the hospitality of people, overwhelming culture with protruding mountains for example Elgon, Muhavura and magherita, even if it's your very first time to step in Uganda, the uniqueness of Savannah and Mabira Forest is eye catching. The charming animals like Gorillas and Chimpanzees who are counterparts to human nature, prowling lions in the open plains at dawn, Hippopotamus and Crocodile before setting off in the fog.

The national emblem know as crested crane with loving colors, peacock which is a prince of birds due to its beauty with different bird species approximately 1000 bird species. Not only the slumbering sun in the west where it sets but also the volcanic mountains either active or inactive, lava dammed lakes, on top of these countries for example lake bunyonyi mention but a few, the escarpments at butiaba in fort portal. At twilight, the fresh envoy with experienced organizing Safaris, Hotels which are comrades to the tourists, activities like mountain climbing, chimpanzees and gorilla trekking, Rafting, birding, and boat cruising on River Nile making Uganda as the center of tourism.

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